3 Weeks to the Beach

Oh crap, our vacation is next month and I have to put on a bathing suit!!

I’ve heard this so many times! Or maybe it’s an event, wedding or reunion you’re in and you need to buckle down and commit to a program to look your best.

If you are ready to commit for at least 3 weeks and want specific things to do each day in order to jump start your fitness or get on track and feel better before a vacation or event, you want this plan.

This is what it ISN'T:

  • It is not unreasonable

  • It is not starvation

  • It is not cutting out food groups

  • It does not guarantee weight loss

What it IS:

  • These are the healthy habits you SHOULD be doing to help you get on track.

  • Small things you can do to stay on track

  • Reasonable behavior changes

  • If you follow you will feel better, stronger and leaner!

  • A kickstart to fitness

Each week includes daily

  • Nutrition tasks

  • Workouts or walks

  • Healthy behavior tasks

3 Weeks to the Beach Program will have you ready to rock!!

This is a one time purchase- you receive:

  • 3 weeks of structure- 7 days of specific things to do to get on track

  • 3 weeks of workout videos- follow along with me as we strength train your core and full body

  • Which days to walk and how long

  • What to focus on nutritionally - fruits, vegetables, protein, water

  • Which habits to focus on to maximize your health benefit and start to see the changes you want!

All for $75! If you know you need this then grab it this weekend for only $50. Early bird pricing ends Monday at midnight!

This program is available through May 31st! Sometimes we all just need a little push 🌸