5x5 Flurry

It’s here!!!!

The 5x5 Flurry is ready for you to use all summer (and beyond) to keep your muscles toned and burning fat while you’re busy enjoying the summer!

What is it?

We don’t always want to commit a whole hour (+\-) to a workout in the summer! We want to be outside, at the pool, going to the lake, fishing, camping, parties with friends, road trips and more!

A 5x5 is five exercises, five reps each, for 5 rounds! I do the entire workout with you, so the video is chock full of form tips and tricks to make the workout the most effective!


It’s a quick but high volume of reps to fully fatigue the muscles in the shortest amount of time!

And they are versatile! Have more time? Do more than one! Busy day today? Do a shorter one! Most workouts average 15 minutes.

How will this work?

You receive two brand new 5x5s each week for 5 weeks. You can do them whenever you want, but you’re trying to do at least the 2 of the week! On vacation ? Just skip and pick up when you return. (Or bring your weights with you!)

When do we start?

You can purchase and start anytime from June 13th to July 1, even if you can’t physically begin until later in the summer you have lifetime access.

Emails go out on Sundays so if you’re ready to go, get in today and be ready to start next week!

How much?

The entire 5 weeks is just $55!!!